17th Aug 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
You are Tara Beringer. A sixteen year old girl who has spent all her life living in the upper reaches of Cogstrum.

Not out of choice, mind you. If the city hadn't closed it's shipyards a few decades ago, you would be traveling around the world by now. There is a whole unexplored world out there that no one knows about! It's a shame that one can only see smog and the buildings that jut out from it. It's the same view from everywhere in the city, and you're sick of it.

At least you live a good, albiet boring, life here in the city. You come from a rather well off family here in the upper reaches. You've always gotten what you wanted, your parents have made sure of that. At least, your parent's money has.

You aren't completely free of supervision, however. You've been raised and taken care of by your Foral nanny, Nadia.

She's the reason that you're wearing this dress in the first place. You enjoy looking your best, but you draw the line at dresses that are wider than you are.

You could probably change and try to sneak out before Nadia comes to take you to the High Tinker's Union formal dinner. It's really just a bunch of old men bragging about how amazing they are, anyway.

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