Examine schematics
5th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Examine schematics
Ya examine the schematics on the wall next to yer Tinkering Station. Those are the plans for yer prototype. Ya haven't really thought of a name for it yet... The idea is to make a pair of fold-able wings that can easily be worn on the back, and when one, let's say, needs to jump off a walkway and glide down to safety in the most brass manner ever, they just activate them and jump.

The project is a fairly straight forward one, but unfortunately ya haven't been able to find a good amount of sturdy cloth for the wings yet. And ya would like to connect it to yer Spinal Interface, if ya can figure out how. Not really for practical reasons, but it would be quite a feat, and controlling clockwork wings with yer mind would be astonishingly brass!

Everyone will be so impressed by yer device that ya'll get hired in one of the higher level Workshops in a matter of moments. Then ya can finally get out of this grungy, smog infested place once and for all! Maybe ya'd be able to live in a place where ya could see the sky...

Even if that doesn't happen, it would be amazing to be able to fly! Well... glide, but still!

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