Modify yer Claw Arm into a Drill Arm
10th Jul 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Modify yer Claw Arm into a Drill Arm
Oh holy Tez of all that is brass and shiny, this is so almighty! Ya had to modify yer whole arm, which meant detaching it and working one handed for a while... always really annoying, but it was all worth it!

Ya had to alter the composition of yer whole arm, so the body and the inner workings have been modified. The shape should work better if ya ever do use the new Drill Arm as an actual drill. Only issue, is that in order to reinforce the Claw part of yer arm, ya had to make some sacrifices in the body of it.

Just don't smash the lower part of yer arm on too much stuff, and ya should be fine.

Another benefit from yer modifications, is that ya can now control yer claw in a very limited fashion while it's detached from ya. Pretty much just means that ya can keep it spinning, or open and close it.

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