Go over yer spoils
6th Jul 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Go over yer spoils
Once all is said and done, ya now have far more sprockets than ya can carry, one working pocketwatch, a jewelers glass, a mallet, an Ivret Spanner Mk 1, and a satchel of some odd black powder. The crate has managed to escape yer looting wrath, unfortunately, 'cause it's bolted shut, and far too heavy to move. Ya would just rip it open with yer claw, but the fact that it seems to be barely balanced on the ledge has you worried that it might drop and take you with it.

Now what are ya going to do with all yer spoils?

Wince Spanner Mk 2
Nearly Empty Tube of Paint (Red)
Broken Prototype Glider
Broken Hinge Joint
A pile of Sprockets
Tool Pouch with Rusted Tools
Clockwork Left Hand
Blue Crystal
Jeweler's Glass
Ivret Spanner Mk 1
Small Satchel of Black Powder

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So, the idea for this comic is that it's an interactive, choose your adventure type of comic. So pretty much everything that's happened is because of suggestions from readers like you! And you can join in on the magic too! Just leave a comment right here if you have any ideas.

And that's especially important for this update, because I'm giving people free reign to combine these things in whatever way they see fit.

So please, leave your suggestions and comments here! And thank you for reading!