Stealthily follow him
19th Apr 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
 Stealthily follow him
Ya pick yerself up off the walkway, and follow after Finn, trying to be as stealthy as ya can. Luckilly the constant hum and whine of machinery drowns out yer footsteps.

As ya make yer way further down into the city, and farther away from yer home, yer nerves start playing up. Just what the Tez are ya doing here? Yer following a guy that is twice yer size and four times as strong as ya, down into the depths of the city where monsters could be lurking around each corner, to do what? Fight him and get yer Pendant back? How? The only outcomes ya can see involve a lot of blood loss on yer part...

Whatever happens, ya should be a bit more prepared this time 'round. As ya trail him, ya work on switching out yer Mechanical Hand fer yer Claw Hand. Could be a decent weapon, or maybe a means of escape, either way ya want it ready.

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