5th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Yer name is Aden. Yer a fourteen year old Novice Contraptor. Basically a tinkerer, an inventor, the people this city is built on! Not literally, of course.

Ya like to design and build yer own contraptions, which only fail catastrophically about 20% of the time. Ya have a fondness for all things aeronautical, and have always wished to work on an Aeronautical Carriage, or Airship, as they are often called in slang. Partly because ya've always wanted to fly, and partly because it would mean ya could get out of this terrible place. Not that anyone has really left this city in ages.

For who knows what reason, all the Aeroports were shut down a few decades ago. Since then, no one has come or gone from the city. Unless they decided to trek down to the base, but that's just suicide.

Oddly enough, not all the Shipyards were closed. A handful have still been working on designing and building airships that aren't going anywhere.

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