Get to work on yer latest project
26th Mar 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Get to work on yer latest project
As much as ya'd love to finish yer Portable Gliding Contraption, ya just don't have the parts fer it. To build the rest of the frame for the Collapsable Wings, ya'd need fifty Sprockets, and right now all ya've got is about twenty. In theory ya could just dismantle more stuff around yer apartment for those, but it doesn't change the fact that ya haven't got a proper canvas to use for the wings.

Looks like ya ought to venture out of yer place and look around fer some parts if you want to finish this. Besides, ya might run across some Glass Tube piece that might work in yer Goggles... despite the fact that you've never seen something like that before.

Ya strap yer Portable Gliding Contraption to yer back, while briefly pondering a better, shorter name for it. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind.

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