Find a Blood Stained Journal
21st Mar 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Find a Blood Stained Journal
Oh hang on, there is something else in here! Buried in a small pile of bolts and scrap, which ya added to yer Sprockets Meter already, is a small ripped up and Blood Stained Journal.

The pages are brittle, and many fall apart in yer hands, and still others are smeared with ink and... blood...

From what ya can tell, this is the journal of someone who lead an expedition down to the absolute lowest levels of the city. Or tried to. Ya knew that the lower levels had been pretty much closed down, but ya just assumed that's because they've been flooded heavily from the smoke and the pollution. Ya've been told that it's so bad down there, that without some sort of air filter, ya'd die within hours.

It sounds like the expedition went down there to look for something. They don't go into the details, and it doesn't seem like they find it before the journal ends either. They do go into some weird vague descriptions of ... well... luminous creatures, most of which are described as extremely violent. Ya can't really get much more out of the poor tattered thing. It's a shame that it's in such a poor condition.

How did this journal find it's way into someone's Tool Chest in the scrap yard three levels down? A Tool Chest that has clothes almost fitted for ya...

This is turning into a bizarre day...

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