21st Mar 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Yer Blackstone Pendant is in here too... weird. It must have fallen through one of the holes in the front when it hit ya, or something. Eh, no matter. Ya've got it back, and that's what counts! Ya really need to find a better chain for this thing. Oh Tez, ya don't know what ya'd do if the chain broke when ya were on a walkway. Something falls from one of those, and yer never getting it back.

Oh! But look! There is a new vest and coat in here too! Which fit ya rather well... That's a bit odd, but nevermind that! Ya look so stylish!

It's unfortunate that it'll probably be ripped up and covered in oil in a few days. Ya already had to rip a hole in the back of both the vest and the coat for yer Spinal Interface. Stupid tinny scrap. Despite how awesome yer mechanical arm is, you would give anything to have yer real one back...

Ah, no use dwelling on the past now.

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