Ready yer Spanner and investigate the noise
18th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Ready yer Spanner and investigate the noise
Ya peek out of yer room, and into the Main Room. The Main Room is pretty much the rest of yer home, containing the Cold Box, where yer food is kept, the Iron Stove, the Boiler, which powers the other two machines, yer Father's Work Station and Bed.

Looks like the Heavy Iron Cabinet that was attached to the Stove broke off and crashed, breaking a pot and probably all the dishes that were stored in there. It's not like they were in that great of condition to begin with... But at least they were usable before....

Well, that explains the crashing noise that woke ya up. And oddly enough, yer thankful that it happened to break now, or else ya might still be stuck in that horrible Nightmare.

Looking around the room a bit, ya also notice that yer Father's Various Tools, Blueprints, and Designs are missing, except for one. Odd...

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