11th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Ya wake up on the floor of a pitch black hallway. How in the name of Tez did ya get here?!

The first thing that ya notice is that the usual drone of machinery that fills yer everyday life is gone, leaving a disconcerting silence. Not even the rattle of pipes can be heard. If ya listen close, ya can hear an odd, low rumble.

Ya get to yer feet, and luckily, there seems to be a small light attached to the side of yer goggles. A style of which ya've never seen before. Ya seem to instinctively know how it works, and flick it on. The dim circle of light it produces only serves to make the darkness around ya seem that much more constricting.

Ya have the feeling that someone is watching ya, but ya can't see or hear any sign of them...

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