Check Inventory Screen
11th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Check Inventory Screen
Look, there's that mostly empty tube of Red Paint! Ya slipped it into yer coat pocket with out thinking of it. The majority of yer Tool Belt's space is taken up by yer rusty set of tools and the parts that make up yer Sprockets meter.

Ya can fit four small items in the space left over, plus ya have room in each pocket for two. So ya really don't have much room to carry anything right now. Ya used to have an old over the shoulder satchel, but the bottom fell out of it when ya were walking home one day... sending most of the salvage ya found tumbling off the walkway and down who knows how far.

For once it was a good thing that ya pretty much live in the lowest of inhabitable levels. Otherwise yer scrap might have hit someone...

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