Explain the purpose of the device ya're making
6th Feb 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Explain the purpose of the device ya're making
The prototype is yer current project, the Portable Gliding Contraption. Which actually isn't a terrible name for it. Ya can't wait until ya can get this scrap finished and give it a good test.

Unfortunately, yer Sprockets Meter is nearly empty. Ya need to find yer tool belt around here somewhere if you wish to fill it up a bit. And even then, that won't be enough. Ya'll need to find a good bit of canvas and probably more junk to fill up yer meter more.

If ya wish to build or repair -anything-, ya'll need to use up Sprockets to do so. Sprockets is just a general term for the junk and spare parts ya have on ya. The more difficult something is to put together, the more Sprockets it'll take. Some special tasks and products will require specific parts in order to be finished, such as the canvas for yer Portable Gliding Contraption.

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