9th Sep 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
The door slams open and you find yourself face-to-face with one of the most intimidating men in all of Cogstrum: your father.

Dr. Beringer: What the devil is taking you so long? We are going to be late to the... Nadia! What have you dressed my daughter in? Do you want us to look like a family of street workers?

Nadia: It wasn’t my choice, Sir! We had a lovely dress and corset all laced up and ready. Tara, what have you done with your dress?

Tara: I uh...

Dr. Beringer: This is unacceptable Nadia. I do not allow you to live in my home, for you to leave my daughter to her own devices! Get her cleaned and dressed straight away. We might still make it to the dinner in time to...

Tara: I’m not going!

Dr. Beringer: What was that girl?

Tara: I’m not going to your stupid dinner.

Dr. Beringer: Like hell you aren’t. Nadia get her ready. I will summon the driver.

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