Pose with yer new gear
10th Jul 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Pose with yer new gear
Yesss! So brass! Ya gather up the rest of the stuff ya can carry, trading yer old wrench for the new one ya found, and attaching the satchel of black powder to yer belt.

... Ya must have been working for several hours, 'cause what little light manages to make it down this far is almost gone. It'll be pitch black before long. And being down here in complete darkness is the absolute last thing ya'd ever want to do!

Jeweler's Goggles
Prototype Glider
Drill Arm
Ivret Spanner Mk 1

Small Tool Pouch
Small Satchel of Black Powder
Pocket watch
Faintly Glowing Blue Crystal
Nearly Empty Tube of Paint (Red)
Left Hand (Clockwork)
30 Sprockets

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