Check to see if there's anything ya can reach
4th Jul 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Check to see if there's anything ya can reach
Ya gather up yer wrench, and the broken pieces of yer Prototype Glider, before looking around the room ya've found yerself in. It looks mostly empty, except for an old armoire that... appears to have been sliced in half, and a large pipe that looks a bit too... clean to have been here long. It travels from a hole in the floor to the far wall.

Unfortunately ya still have the issue with yer Claw Arm, in that ya have to reconnect it in order to free it. Something that yer gonna have to fix in the next version... if ya make it out of here.

Before ya retract the cable and pull yerself up a few levels, ya peer into the armoire. From first glance, all ya can see is a lot of torn up, moldy old girls clothing. Might have been fer a girl around yer age, back when this level was inhabitable.

Ya reach into the back of one of the drawers, and feel around. Ya press on an odd panel, and hear a faint click come from within. Yer hand closes around some small cylindrical item. Ya pull yer arm free from the drawer, and examine the small, faintly glowing, blue crystal. It feels strangely warm to the touch.

Wince Spanner Mk 2
Nearly Empty Tube of Paint (Red)
Broken Hinge Joint
23 Sprockets
Tool Pouch with Rusted Tools
Clockwork Left Hand
Blue Crystal

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