26th Mar 2011 in The Citizens of Cogstrum
Oh Tez, it's the Foral that helped ya before, and he looks angry...

<b>Aden: H-Hi there. Thanks again for helping me the other day.

Finn: I didn't help ya for 'thank you's. You -owe- me. If it wasn't for me, ya might be trying to find a replacement for yer -other- hand. If the Rozzers were feeling particularly creative that day. Now I'd take it as a kindness if ya handed over everything ya've got.

Aden: B-But, I don't have any money...

Finn: No money, hm? Then how the hell did ya afford those new clothes that look like they should be on some spoiled Upper brat?

Aden: I, I...

Finn: Now hand over yer money, or else I'll have to beat it out of ya.</b>

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